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Just how much power does Mab have anyway?

She has enough power that Dan’s entire world is just an offshoot backwater of the realities she knows. She has enough power to travel between the branching realities created by major inflection points and understands that in a universal sense, truly changing things is impossible, because major changes only fork and multiply the possible realities, and all realities that exist after forks are created are still the only reality that the inhabitants of each one is aware of. She knows that B’s mother is both dead and alive in different realities. She can unwind time, move B’s awareness to a reality fork in which the only difference is that Regina did not kill her mother, but there would still be another reality in which she did, and nothing really changed.

Hmm, looks like it failed earlier…

In the Academy of SuperHeroes, the author defined what he called ‘Grandipotence’, which basically comes down to ‘you can do anything you want, as long as nobody of a similar power level notices and tries to stop you’. I get the impression the Fae here are like that… able to do just about anything, but there are rules, and trying to break those rules would get all the other Fae against you. That’s assuming they CAN break the rules, they may have self-applied geases to avoid that.

Also, I remember the ‘backwater’ bit coming up, and what I kind of recall from that is that the DMFA world isn’t just a backwater, it’s not too directly connected to any other worlds, which means that if it gets destroyed there won’t be a domino effect on other realities. Which makes it a relatively safe ‘sandbox’ for the Fae to actually show up in… at least, safe for them.

So we can assume that there are limits and givens for any fae that prevent them from circumventing all of the consequences that come from the power and knowledge they have? If not then any circumstance has a work around making Mab’s statement a tough sell.

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