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#1889: A boon given.

#1889: A boon given. published on 12 Comments on #1889: A boon given.

For those who don’t want to scroll back through a billion comics to back-reference, Mab mentioned having 5 friends and giving 5 boons. So for those at home keeping track…

1: Wildy (A ton of Ice Cream)
2: Biggs (Listed in Comic Above)
3: Fa’Lina (The Power to make the Academy)
4: Jyrras (Wasted his boon to remove Fae bangles)
5: ???? (??????????)


There are three possibilities I can think of, Dan his mother or his sister. Dan would ask for either peace or the power to kill the dragon who may kill his parents, his sister will ask for the power to get revenge of the dragon who kills her parents and her brother while their mother is the harder one and may only sacrifice Dan so as to potentially kill the dragon that destroyed her clan and her first chance of happiness.

I’m surprised at seeing Fa’Lina on this list. I knew it has been said almost out right that it was Mab’s boon that allowed Fa’Lina to create the academy, but I thought that it was a Mab from a previous life as that happened before any of the other characters on that list were even born. The only characters left that I can think of worthy receiving a boon are Dan and Alexsi, but if it is either of them why not the other?

Also, to keep others from having to look back for it. The boons are first mentioned on this page (Jyrass request to have the bangles removed are a few pages before that), and it hints at Dan being the one who has the unused one:

Why do I get the feeling it isn’t Dan who has the last boon?

Would be pretty sad in a way because apparently the ones with boons are those she considers her friends and those without ended up with some pretty nasty treatment and disregard for their emotions when confronted with them.

Knowing Dan? Dan would wish for he and Mab to have a long and enjoyable friendship… or wish that Mab was happy. Because this is Dan. He loves Mab dearly as a good friend… and he’s also somewhat selfless at times. He’d likely ultimately want to do something nice for Mab, even if it’s with Mab’s own gift.


Twinks in MUCKs are people who always godmode. in MMOs, they are people using gear far more powerful than what an ordinary player has access to. In both cases, they build a reputation of being nigh unstoppable or ridiculously powerful, which makes people not want to mess with them.

The Twink Territories, originally based on twinks in Furcadia (I assume), are led by someone who is literally as strong as the credible rumors about them say they are. Biggs has as much power as the Twinks themselves seem to- so the stronger and more ridiculously overpowered they appear or are believed to be, the stronger they actually are.

It’s like a self-feeding cycle of Twinkdom.

Frikk this is clever.

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