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#1890: At least his other hand wasnt flaming.

#1890: At least his other hand wasnt flaming. published on 3 Comments on #1890: At least his other hand wasnt flaming.

The thing about Fae is they are notorious for conversation shifts. They could be fireballing an army and suddenly ask the person next to them if that person knows a good recipe for buttered tarts. It’s one of the downsides of having no scale of importance since that recipe to them is just as important as winning a battle.


I love the fact that you’ve finally gotten to Biggs’ backstory. The way you’ve been unfolding this story has been fantastic! I’ve just taken a week to re-read from the beginning, and it blows my mind how early you set so much of this up. Tiny details in the first hundred strips (“Hi Danny!” in our first Twink involvement, anyone?) blowing into huge repercussions over fifteen hundred strips later? That’s some long-term use of story!

I’ve been reading this for years- since before Dan’s Incubus state was known- and I’ve been amazed at your evolution and dedication.

Thank you so much for many years of AWESOME!

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