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#1898: Freshman courses be like that.

#1898: Freshman courses be like that. published on 1 Comment on #1898: Freshman courses be like that.

First off, thanks to some fabulous folks for letting me last minute snag their chars for cameos.  Secondly, funny story in my own life of freshman year. For one of my freshman art courses I sat next to a fellow who I ended up bantering with the entire semester.  Real good friend sort, until the last day of the class when I finally asked him what his name was. The teacher, who had been handing out papers made a flabbergasted noises that the entire semester I had been bantering with someone like a close friend and I didn’t even know his name.  In my defense, I am bad with names and after like day 3 I was too anxious to actually admit I didn’t know it.

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