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#1902: Warp Aci love newspaper delivery hour.

#1902: Warp Aci love newspaper delivery hour. published on No Comments on #1902: Warp Aci love newspaper delivery hour.

So! Some of you likely have noticed that the sites a bit off from it’s normal looks. (And that the comic didn’t update for a couple weeks here)  This is mostly in part because of things being moved over and renovated and because I am a honking dork who needed extra time to figure out how to get back in and catch up the updates to here.  (So you may want to read back a few pages if you haven’t as there’s been a few updates)

There is plans to obviously give the page a bit of a flair but Mihari has been working super hard making sure everything is functional before it’s pretty.  So it may be bare bones for a wee bit.  At the very least, updates should continue per normal now.  Sorry about that!

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