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#1904: Using the customer service voice.

#1904: Using the customer service voice. published on 8 Comments on #1904: Using the customer service voice.

Third time’s the charm really.

As an aside, I’m running a quick poll on my Patronicus to get a general feel for which clan leader wallpaper I should consider working on next since I’m getting back on that saddle and trying to round em all out.  So if folks could take the time to vote, be much appreciated since while I plan to do them all it is always nice to know who folks would like to see most.


Why is Aaryanna referring to Mink in the plural? i.e. they instead of he.

Mink is an agender character, so she’s using the singular they. In the past Amber’s just avoided pronouns for Mink altogether, but I guess this is confirmation that Mink is agender and not just of unknown gender.

It’s the best thing English has for a gender-neutral pronoun, and can be used when you don’t know who exactly you might be talking about. For example, “I don’t know who called me. They hung up as soon as I answered.” There’s unlikely to be more than one person on the other end of the phone in this example, but no clues as to who. Not even a voice.

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