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#1911: First things first and all.

#1911: First things first and all. published on 12 Comments on #1911: First things first and all.

I had to go through a million archives to recall if I ever drew Cyra’s tail before.  And chances are I have in one page that I didn’t check and it is not the same type of tail as shown here. :I


She seems very lonely. Makes me wonder if Destania ever talks to her.

She can’t.

“Only Destania remains and she has long since given up her ability to dream.”

And since Cubi can only talk to their leader in dreams or in person…yeahnotgood.

I thought that was more about Cyra being able to start the conversation herself, and Destania not being open for contact, and not a complete block on all mental contact. It was even revealed that cubi with active clan leaders are more likely to not need sleep or dream so being only able to communicate via dreaming would be counter to that.
Also, in the current page and last time Dan spoke to her he wasn’t dreaming but actively seeking to contact her.

Re. the tail: Meh, don’t worry too much about it, she’s a shapeshifter after all, she could have a different type of tail every five minutes if she wants!

I love the aesthetics of this page, the glowy eyes, the transition of locations, the fancy text, the colour palette. It’s just a really pretty page to look at.

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