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#1918: Curbside chatter.

#1918: Curbside chatter. published on 1 Comment on #1918: Curbside chatter.

Honestly laying in the middle of the road in my comic is probably the safest place to be.  It’s not like I ever bother drawing cars or traffic. *cough*

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@ Traffic: Honestly, I half suspect that your world’s traffic laws would either be a complete MESS, or nearly non-existent compared to ours. You’ve already pointed out that most transport, particularly long distance transport, is done by Griffon, due to the dangers that the oversized ones pose and the relative simplicity of their minds. You have also shown that things like taxi regularly are done by Griffon Carrage, too. While your world CAN have motor vehicles, be they magically powered or scientifically, like what Jyrras makes, everything we’ve seen implies or suggests that they’re not in overly significant usage.

Basically, laying on the road is a much smaller danger because most vehicles max out at muscle-powered speeds. Google says that a Horse Drawn Carriage averages a trot at around 10-15 miles per hour, so that’s not a significant danger. Honestly, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if your world’s roads are less what roads are in our world, and more a case of being regular landing strips for the Griffin Transports. Or only used for short-distance parking once said transports are once again land-bound.

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