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#1934: Yesss…that’s the reason…

#1934: Yesss…that’s the reason… published on 9 Comments on #1934: Yesss…that’s the reason…
Past me: I’m going to base the main location on an inn which would imply customers and people partaking of said business despite not being able to maintain a crowd scene for more than 2 panels!  LIKE THE FOOL THAT I AM.

As an aside though, and on a more somber note…for those not in the know, the Katbox will be closing down it’s hosting for comics.  What does this mean for you guys?  Probably not much.  The DMFA Katbox page will turn into a redirect come the time of full moving. And in the meantime, I will still update both the domain and here.    But I won’t deny that the overall mood is just very somber and kind of sad so I apologize if I’m a bit wibbly this month as I try to get things up and shuffled for the upcoming transition.


Any chance the main page will finally get an rss feed, please?

You mean something like ? It is probably served with wrong content-type, browsers will just dump XML mess on you, but readers seem to be able to deal with it. I’ve been using RSS here for a long time (and subsequently lost track of the comic for about year when the old feed stopped working. Good think it’s so memorable that I started to miss it after a while and went to investigate).

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