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#1949: Priority focus.

#1949: Priority focus. published on 3 Comments on #1949: Priority focus.
I would give my left arm for the option to climb a fifty foot tall grandmother than to deal with politics at a family get-together.

As an aside, still working on getting the new site up and ready for the move-over. Going to be shuffling DMFA to its new home before Year’s End. So I’ll keep you in the know on that. The goal is to keep the rss feed feature and some various bells and whistles that both the old site and katbox had.

A lot of it is just making the graphic resources for the new site. And remembering the nightmare that is old outdated cast pages.


I think something got mixed up in the first panel. “At least BEINGS can make something for public viewing without it being bookended between two ‘why BEINGS are dangerous and should not be trusted’ specials”? Shouldn’t the first be either “Creatures” or “Cubi” rather than “Beings”?

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