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Abel published on 12 Comments on Abel

I spent more time than I want to admit trying to figure out which nerd to throw out first…before just grabbing and yeeting Abel cause it has been a million years since I remembered how much I hated spots.  That and he’s kind of been one of the more out and out of the cast.  Also because I had a strong need for card themed puns.

It goes without saying that probably each of the cast has a small section of my heart, so its kind of moot to say he’s a character close to my heart. But I find personally, in a world where most orientations in media are “straight until relationship confirmation”, it makes for a hard time for Ace rep since inversely it isn’t like most Aces bang pots and pans to let all of China know.

Combined with the fact many Aces do enjoy companionship or have relationships it can lead into this awkward spiral of just feeling abnormal or like one is not really an orientation.

Which is also why I find it important there is representation, particular where it’s just…well…normal.

For more information about Asexuality:
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Thank you, Amber. You’ve helped me come to realize that I am not “wrong” for feeling this way– that it’s perfectly healthy. I always was pushed accept concepts like marriage and sexual intimacy as if it was “expected” and “normal”. I feel really empowered to not only love the person I am, but to have empathy for anyone else who’s experiencing the same confusion I went through. You’re inspiring, and I cannot wait to see more in this Pride month Arc.
Cheers. <3

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