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The long debate of not having a shirt or coming up with a shirt that was true to Bigg’s general disposition.  Such is the struggle of a Biggs author.

The other struggle is the time and place.  I’ve had this element of Bigg’s character planned for a while, but there is always the worry of tokenism. So he’s been probably one of the slowest build characters in that more than anything I wanted Biggs to be Biggs first and foremost.  Someone you liked or hated for who he was.  To be a character judged based on his actions and personality.  So that when the reveal happened it wouldn’t end up engulfing who he was in his definition.

Especially since at this time and place where I write, there is a lot of hot button issues around the subject.  As well as the concern that such a character is going to give a bad impression to folks since there is also sometimes a thing as bad representation.  I fully admit I am not 100% sure what I’m doing at any given time…much less making sure my characters don’t end up being bad examples for a community that already deals with a lot of backlash and grief.

I’m not entirely sure if Biggs is a good or bad thing, on any given day.  But boy howdy I can’t deny he’s a personality I don’t really direct so much I just translate onto the page. For better or worse.


…wait is he transgender? that was never revealed more to the point “upsetting the status quo” is something transgender dose to some people but not what defines transgender, transgender means are you saying he was born female but identifies as male (or vice versa) did it happen and I did not notice I thought he said he was bi

Yeah. Biggs is transgender. This was revealed on page 1640 (Background Backfire), during his meeting with Jyrras. Katbox forums are gone, but you can still see the initial reactions on the Clockwork Mansion forums:,10508.0.html

In the preceding pages, you may recall that Jyrras was quite miffed at Biggs for completely dropping contact for many years with the heavy implication that they were childhood friends. Cue 1640, wherein Biggs assumed that Wildy was the one who told Jyrras about him, and Jyrras noting that he had asked for details after Biggs’ introduction, as she’d never mentioned a brother before, and that Dan likely assumes that he’s an obscure half-brother or something.

The full reveal occurs in the final panel, in Jyrras offhandedly commenting that it was funny that neither Biggs nor Dan recognized each other, as “back when [Biggs] was Bridget [he] had the biggest crush on Dan”. We later see what Biggs was like back before his transition, during a flashback when Dan was describing his first encounter with Regina, and we see another such flashback starting at 1884, and on page 1890, Mab asked “Bee” whether he had chosen a name yet.

So yeah, Biggs being trans has been a known detail for a few hundred pages now

Facade: The initial reveal was in “#1640: Background Backfire”. The flashback sequence starting at “#1884: The whole powerful magic abilities also helped.” shows him as Bridget and indicates that he used some of the abilities of Mab’s boon to change his form.

I can definitely get the feel that Biggs is a force more than ‘just a character’. I’ve had moments of it myself with my limited amount of writing I’ve done, where a character feels like they’re telling you what they did/are doing, as opposed to you deciding as an author what they did.

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