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Fa’Lina published on 9 Comments on Fa’Lina

This one is probably a bit more of a surprise than others.  Or perhaps not.  Some of it is that Fa’Lina is many things and to a degree her orientation has never had much reason to be presented in the comic proper.   The struggle of being single, since a lot of times most media relies on a relationship as a means to showcase someone’s sexuality.

But, one’s relationship status (or lack of) isn’t really a reliable qualifier for one’s orientation.  Still, that doesn’t negate at times I do feel genuinely guilty about how this has been a facet of her character since probably close to day one of her creation but it’s never really been brought up in comic.

I suppose though there is also perhaps a bit of ideal world in my thoughts, where in DMFA it isn’t considered a particularly big deal.  In that Fa’Lina is also over ten thousand years old and possibly fifty feet tall with three sets of wings.  That she likes ladies is probably the least impressive detail about her character in the scheme of things.  At least by DMFA character standards.


It’s no surprise that Fa’lina’s sexuality would not come up, because romance between people of different levels of power is inevitably seen as coercive (not to mention she’s primarily surrounded by students). It would just seem abusive for someone of Fa’lina’s power to get romantically involved with anybody who was not her equal. The only other ones handy are other clan leaders, but they’re so secretive and paranoid, that’s not likely to happen (the few times that it has have been literal disasters). Fae might be possible, but the power dynamic is vastly on the opposite side, given that Fae think of clan leaders as just slightly more robust insects than the average insects, and fae sexuality is probably not comprehensible to linear beings.

I can imagine Fa’lina’s sidestory involving what she was like before she ascended.

This. This would make both a good idea for a side story for the Lady of Hope, to let her smooch all the ladies you want. And, even if it is after her Ascension, there’s an undefined (to us) length of time between ‘Tri-Wing’ and ‘Dragons tried to blackmail her, she called their bluff, so they did the thing they said they were doing’ (and by dragons, it was probably Hizell. He seems to have a chip on his shoulder against the cubi that is probably larger than the total physical size of his body count).

Plus, I kinda want to see happy Hope Leader.

There must have been a long heterosexual period before ascension, right? I mean, to become a clan leader involves having children- lots of em. Right? I mean, you can’t just adopt a bunch of Cubi and become a clan, can you? I believe her children were her actual descendants. So how did that work?

All she needed was one additional clan member, to add more to her clan (see the notes, sadly, on her own page in the ‘Clan Leaders’ side comic, )… children aren’t a requirement, just other members of the clan.
Further, fan-made clan Daryil, of Project Future fame, has a mostly-gay clan leader, and the clan itself is predisposed to the pride spectrum of relationships (specifically, same-sex) the way Tapewolf has explained things (which, admittedly, isn’t a canon explanation *here* unless Amber says it is, but: is him bringing it up), and his clan has like, a dozen at least, I think, at Daryil’s time of ascension.

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