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Mink published on 3 Comments on Mink

Like, I won’t lie there’s some leniency one gets from doing a fantasy comic.  Like, if I was to bring in a 4 headed rock hydra and say it reproduces via budding…chances are no one would bat an eye.  So there is also a bit of uncertainty when it comes to Mink because let’s face it, they have little tentacle ears and two sets of wings…one can easily say that they don’t really set a good example.

Or maybe they do.  That’s the other uncertainty.  Mink was initially a background character in Abel’s side story that took on more life than I expected and in a way was non-binary before I even knew the words.  And while I’ve certainly done some jabs at the whole “are they a boy or a girl?” in hindsight I have come to realize that there was a bit of my own toying with concepts at play.  And that the more I thought on it…the more I realized I didn’t really care or want to know.

Mink’s one of those characters I enjoy drawing and writing because they are such an eccentric type.  A wiggly ray of sunshine in what can be a very bleak world at times.  And those are the aspects of Mink I prefer to focus on.


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