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I should also make mention that Wildy was originally a character who belonged to a friend who let me use her for the comic many many moons ago along with several of the original cast.  So there is also a bit of disclaimer that over the years the Wildy in DMFA has deviated from her original incarnation and player.

I say this because at this time I’m not entirely sure if Wildy’s original owner still plays Furcadia from back in the day.  And if she does, the last thing I want is for someone to give her grief and claiming she’s not being the character proper.

THAT SAID AND ASIDE, Wildy in the comic has always been someone who puts her own relationship matters on the backburner.  It’s a non-issue for her, but it also tends to create the concept of “single until romantic interest appears” where her lack of relationship is a matter of circumstance and not out of an active lack of interest on her part.

Aromantics tend to fall into the same troubles asexuals do…at least in my experience.   They’re easy to kind of be more covert since in a lot of circles it is a case of if you aren’t seeing anyone then people just assume you’re just single but looking.  And the concept of you aren’t looking tends to be met with the idea that it is just a phase and will pass.

But that is also why I wanted to focus on it this time around.  Cause it is something I feel gets very overlooked in comparison to other aspects of sexuality.  But is equally valid and deserves a bit of recognition.


I can respect this outlook on life your not interested in finding a life partner at this moment in time, but maybe someday but for right now a group of close friends and a crazy adventure are all you ask for and it’s not a unreasonable request. is it?

It’s not just “Not interested” We Aros and Aces just don’t feel attraction. it’s like how Bis are attracted to either or Lesbians are attracted to the same gender, we just arnt attracted to either. But thanks for still having respect for us

Im starting to feel like youre yanking our chain a bit. Aero? Aces? I got it that eeeeeveryone wants to feel unique, and eeeeveryone is “a little bit different”, but come ooooon, really? That’s like, a thing? Since when did some degree of not being interested become a club? Ok, here’s one- furromantic: guys who’d rather fap to furry porn than be in an icky physical relationship with a human. Furromantics can be sarcastic, silver tongued basement-dwellers, who often enjoy watching people and interacting with them, but find its far less hassle to not get involved with one. Often the quiet, snarky guy that’s a hoot to be around, but comes off as a little creepy and someone its probably best not to touch. Don’t judge me!!!!!

You’re welcome.

One’s orientation is about what sort of romantic and sexual attraction they’re capable of feeling, NOT what sort of romance or sex they choose to partake in. In the case where someone who feels attraction toward other people, but because they feel it’s too much of a hassle (or whatever other reason they have), they choose to avoid relationships and fap to furry porn instead, then all that matters in determining their orientation is that first part: That they feel attraction toward other people. Aces don’t feel sexual attraction toward others at all, and in the same way aros don’t feel romantic attraction toward others at all. And they couldn’t even if they wanted to. It’s a difference between instinctual attraction verses personal choice.

And it’s not about being special. While there certainly are some who flaunt their orientation as being some sort of special snowflake, for many it’s simply a case of helping to define and understand who they are, as well as finding comfort in finding others that feel the same way, especially since, in many cases, people with alternative orientations (whether they define themselves at that or not; as I said, it’s not a choice) find themselves face persecution and struggles from those who are ignorant or intolerant. And yes that extends to aces and aros, as brought up in these pages (albeit not to the same extent).

Aros and Aces such as myself are given our own orientation because we don’t feel attraction like others. it’s like how Bi feel attraction to either gender or lesbian feel attraction to the same gender, we just don’t feel attraction to either gender. it’s not that we don’t want a relationship, some of us do, it’s just that we don’t feel attraction like others. And its not that we havent found the right person, many have tried for years and felt nothing more that brotherly/sisterly love. We are just another orientation that just have different feelings like the rest of you. no need to call us out saying we want attention or we just don’t want relationships. idk why so many have an issue with this.

Actually, Aromanticism and Asexuality are valid orientations. None of us have a choice on this matter, but we deal with it in various ways. Ace and Aro are just like any other orientation. Bi are attracted to both genders, Lesbian are attracted to their own gender, and we Aros and Aces aren’t attracted to anybody. We get called stubborn a lot and get treated like we’re faking it, but we really arnt attracted to anyone (Though there are some grey areas) and that most likely won’t ever change. Many people in these orientations have found stable relationships, but it can be difficult because while we can do it, we just don’t feel attraction to others like everyone else. I have heard this a lot, and I am used to it now. I don’t blame you for the misinformation on the internet, I just want to help spread understanding. Hope this helps!

First time commenter, long time reader, aromantic asexual. Thank you so much for being so inclusive! I really appreciate it, and I’m sure I’m not alone!

To the doubters above me, aromantics are a largish group of people (if the numbers are close to those of asexuals, probably about 1% of the population, which is about 70 million worldwide) who don’t have a romance drive and thus don’t get interested in people romantically. It often overlaps with asexuality, but not always. Generally, aromantics can love our friends and family dearly, but will never fall IN love. This can be alienating, because romance and sex are deeply ingrained in most cultures as things “everyone” understands and values… which kind of puts us outside of “everyone,” with all the loss that entails. Representation like this is important to combat being told, sometimes in exactly these words, that we’re less than human.

Sure, for some it might change one day. For many it doesn’t, and if you’ve reached for example your 30s without ever feeling that way then it’s reasonable to stop expecting it to change. I’ve seen messages from people in their 60s and over who’ve been faking their whole lives because they thought something was wrong with them. As in, people getting married to and having kids with someone they aren’t in love with or physically attracted to, then finally being told by their grandkid that they’re not broken (actual story, as relayed by the grandkid). Knowing that it’s uncommon, but actually normal, healthy, and well within the bounds of human experience? Having a community, and being able to use that community to find media that agree that we are in fact fine? Artists and authors going out of their way to *explicitly include us*?! That’s huge.

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